Mogami Permium Microphone Cables (2534) Mogami Permium Microphone Cables (2534)

The Mogami 2534 Reference Microphone Cable with Neglex oxygen free copper quad construction has been developed to ensure that the cable at the beginning of your signal chain is the best quality product.

Its balanced quad structure reduces electromagnetic induction resulting in an extremely high-quality low-noise, transparent and accurate studio microphone cable.The packaging of this product is made from 90 per cent recycled materials

lifetime Warranty

Product Details

Mogami 2534 Quad Neglex Cable terminated with Neutrik Black and Gold XLRs:

XF-25340-XM-1 (1m)

XF-25340-XM-3 (3m)

XF-25340-XM-5 (5m)

XF-25340-XM-10 (10m)

Mogami Permium Microphone Cables (2534)